I am in control of not being in control... ??

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

Just as Mel and I are becoming that “power couple” that are going to change the world through near-seamless zoom meetings (those who know us are laughing - we can hear you!!), zoom decides to through a curve ball and just do silly things. If you not sure what zoom is, think SkyNet from the terminator franchise and leave your nuclear bunker now..

It’s ironic that this Sunday I was talking about stress and control, just as we lost control. And I mean all control… And if this wasn’t bad enough, I think zoom kicked a visitor off at the same time, while somehow cloning a few other people and adding extras, and yes it did start to get surreal. So firstly, lovely visitor - we are so so sorry, but welcome to the crazy world of Merton Vineyard - I guarantee your life won't be boring here!

What struck a nerve, was that when we believe we are in control and things are fine, then all is good, however, what happens when they aren't fine anymore?

What happens, in times like these, when we have to stand in parking lots to queue for food, when we have to educate our kids ourselves, when a cough or sneeze brings on a cold sweat (and is that cold sweat a symptom of something more sinister?) or even have to figure out how to see family and friends on the computer (and when it has become normal to mute them!) The list of the new normal goes on and on. Added to that, I recently read that the UK is estimating that this lock down is going to cost the country an extra £250bn in lending (bear in mind the normal lending is approx. £55bn)

And slowly, like a pool filling with water around us, we start to feel the control slipping away. Here are 3 quick things, that Ive taken straight from Psalm 11 - Davids prayer and steadfastness to Gods promise, that could maybe just help you at this time

1. You are not in control. And neither am I, or any person... God is in control (and hear me out here!) and has overcome so so much in the human heart and continues to love and pursue us. The very nature of God soaked throughout scripture shows a faithful, loving and caring God who is working for the good of creation and mankind.

2. Ok, if God is control, I can just sit back and chill right? No, seriously - have you seen what's going on around us? Just because God is in control, doesn't mean we can't open our eyes and take note of what's happening. Do you know how amazing it is having someone around you who is a non-anxious presence? Someone who doesn't know everything, but has the wisdom to speak peace and hope in a setting that is flooded by an assault on our senses of how terrible everything appears to be. It is a wonderful, yet rare thing.

3. So hang on - what's this non-anxious person you speak about, I hear you ask? Simple. When everything around us is unstable, the only stability is that found in the foundation of Christ. But there is a big difference in understanding/believing this, and actually knowing this. To Know God is to be in his presence, to just be, let him lift the weight in this time, let him speak to you, and you, just to love and be.

So if all of this has thrown you a bit and you are feeling rattled, and don't really know what you believe, or how you feel, then come along and see for yourself! What you going to lose? But more importantly, think of what you might gain.

PS - the post-covid party is going to be epic...

By Matt Gush

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