Brain like a Hamster Wheel

There is a famous chocolate that we all think of when we talk about

having a break - the KitKat. It is definitely one of my favourites, and they recently released a salted-caramel version which I find very hard not to continuously eat. The thought of sitting down with a cup of tea (or coffee), a KitKat and a book gives us the impression of recharging and refreshing to face the world. It's like going on recharge. A battery that has died, and now is plugged in to get you going again.

But is it? I have always struggled with the concept of rest. Having a quick recharge like above is no problem, but how do we really take the time to rest? Unlike fast action chargers, the human mind cannot survive on a few quick top ups in order to push through, and more and more I am finding myself trying to accomplish more, with less time to figure it out.

There has been a lot going on in our extended family lately that has needed us to take time and really think - but we just don't. It's so much easier to charge on and push through, and it's starting to bear its toll. I cannot just switch off - my brain is running like a hamster on a wheel and it's impossible to get it to stop. Maybe you feel the same? Or maybe you can just switch off? I'm not saying I have an answer, but I do have 2 questions I keep asking myself - both of which I am still trying to figure out:

1) What effect is not-stopping having on my life, my family and my health (relationships etc)?

2) Really how long until my batteries run out?

Although I wish I had great answers, I have come to realise that if we bury our heads in the sand, (or in work, or doing stuff) we suddenly realise it's too late. If we carry on asking ourselves the questions, maybe, just maybe, we can look a bit ahead to see what's coming and try stay ahead of it. Either way, I am off to find chocolate in the mean time while i try figure this out...

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