Summer Changes

I decided to blog about this as its more of sharing, than just information, so please read on...

If you know me, you will know that I am a planner by nature and trade, I tend to need a framework to work with, so this will follow the usual way that we figure things out - looking at the WHY, WHAT and then the HOW. WHY? Our vision has, in essence, always been based on Matthew 26 - "Passion for God, Compassion for People." This has been at our core since we started 4.5 years ago, and we feel that God has continued to lead us in this direction. Yes, we haven't always done everything right, and we often need help, but I truly believe we are on the right track. We want to be effective in our discipleship and growth - and work on both our challenge and invitation - to invite you all to be part of something God is doing, and to challenge each other where we feel we can support and help each other grow. To be able to do this effectively, we believe that meeting twice a month in the format we do now, is just not sufficient. We so passionately want to see God grow us, and grow our effectiveness in our community of Morden, Mitcham and beyond, to be able to be consistent and celebrate together, in a way that reflects Christ in all we do. Therefore... WHAT? We have always felt that we wanted to meet every Sunday, and this is why we introduced Cafe Church at the beginning of the year, to move closer to this goal. After speaking to most of you and getting a feel for this, we believe that cafe church has run its course, and although we want to keep doing the best parts of it where and when we can, we feel that going to a more intentional service every Sunday, makes more sense. From September, we are therefore stopping Cafe Church and moving to a service like our week 1 and week 3 services, every Sunday. This will result in having a slightly more similar approach to every Sunday. We have had some confusion from visitors and people requesting information as to how and when we meet, and we believe this will provide far more consistency for guests. HOW? The big question we had for this, was asking exactly how this might work. Well, we felt that if we simplify and streamline a lot of what we do, we would in fact have more time to enjoy Sundays when we are not serving on a rota. The details will be thrashed out and we will be asking more of you all to be involved, but feel that those who are currently helping out on both of our services, will actually have time to be a part of the service as well, so that's definitely a good thing! I must admit, I am also looking so so forward to be able to say " Last week we spoke about XYZ..." and not "2 weeks ago, no wait, ok, there was a week 5, so 3 weeks ago, although it possibly was discussed at cafe church, we spoke about XYZ..." ;) I truly believe that Gods grace will overwhelm and encompass us in this journey, and pray that you will be encouraged and uplifted as we envision our future together.

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