Chocolate, Eggs, Bunnies & Hyperactive Children

These above are all the most commonly associated facts* on Easter. (*by facts, I mean my observations...)

My experience is quite similar, particularly with regards to the kids... Don't get me wrong, it is great to have some time off and think about the safe limit between the amount of chocolate you can allow a child to eat, while still trying to keep them out of some sort of glucose induced shock.

It got me thinking a bit about sugar... I had a health scare in January this year that shook Mel and I a bit. It got me looking at my own health and as with most things, when you focus on them, you start to notice other things focusing on them too. I started seeing newspaper articles with headlines stating that kids on average eat about 4,320* kilograms of sugar a day and we are entering an obesity epidemic that makes WALL-E look like a prediction of the future as opposed to a fantasy movie. (*that too, is an estimation based on my observations...)

In my life, I have noticed how easy it is to slip into small habits and daily things that really aren't the best for me. Sugar is a good example. Its good stuff and we need it, but everything has it and it becomes too easily a necessity to survive the day. What are the things that are taking over your life? Is it the amount of hours you spend in the office, just trying to get that last thing done? What about that person you are trying to be, that you know you just aren't? Or is it maybe that you don't have the shape you want, and really just can't seem to get there? The list goes on and on.

But this is the good news about Easter. In Romans 8, Paul tells the Roman Christians that the Spirit that rose Christ from the dead, is also living in them, and gives them life. So if you find you've spent too much time trying to change stuff that just seems to seep back in, look to Easter Sunday. The living Spirit that raised Jesus, can change you too, but maybe not in the way you think.

Now in all fairness, I am not a sugar addict, but coffee on the other hand, that's for another blog.

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