Advent with a twist

Around this time every year peoples diaries are filling up, the ideas of parties and the anticipation of the next month of preparation comes to the front of most of our minds. The media is getting ready, the supermarkets are in the final countdown (as they have been prepared since at least September!) and, in our family anyway, the Christmas present lists are well under way, plans on where the tree will be, what will be on it, how we will stop the cats from sabotaging it are in motion, as well as the positioning of the all-important LED lights.

All in preparation of the big day ahead. If, like me, you wandering if there is a name for this craziness, there is, it’s called advent. From Latin, Advent can be described as – “an arrival, or coming, especially one which is anticipated” As we enter this countdown to Christmas it’s so difficult to keep track on anything, let alone our ideals of what a Christmas should be like.

For many, what I have described is what this season is about.

For others it’s not, it’s a reminder of loneliness, sadness and lacking. I feel I get caught in the middle. Whilst trying to bring our family back to what we believe about Christmas, the original Advent, the original looking forward to a time of remembering when God shattered all the preconceived notions of what a Saviour is, and celebrating this – yes, really celebrating together.

Advent is a period of time where we start to look towards the celebration and remembrance of the day the world changed, the day the battle was won.

So as we get into this month of December, I encourage and challenge as many as possible, to do something a bit different. We are signing up the Bible Society Advent Challenge – a daily choice of challenges to make you think a bit more about others, and what Christmas is really about.

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