There’s lots of change currently happening in my life. Some of it good, some quite tough, but still change. People often say they don’t like change, others often say they are bored, so where is the happy balance. The issue I have with change, is that it rocks my security.

Whether you are moving home, moving jobs, having kids, getting divorced, moving countries, kids leaving home, etc etc etc – it can shake your sense of identity and self-worth.

Why am I doing this? Is it the best decision? Have I failed? Am I being punished? So many questions and so many people happy to give answers, but non that comfort. I was reading the other morning, and was challenged as to my attitude. For those of you who know me, I tend to be Mr. Planner… I plan organise and then strategise my planning’s… Mrs Gush on the other hand is quite different – yes, she plans well, but often looks out to see what’s happening at the same time and gets on with it. I like to super justify decisions instead of sometimes just going for it and it was this that got me, and this is what bugged me.

I was challenged with 2 questions about my security. The first, I thought, not a trick question, but one that I can answer – ‘Do you believe in God?’ Yes, tick and move on.

The second question is far more challenging, (and hit me in my anxiety, stress, hopelessness and overwhelmedness, all of which creep in like fiery darts) and only removes one little word from the previous question. ‘Do you believe God?’

Most Christians hopefully believe in God. But do most of us believe Gods words to us? Do we realise and accept who he has told us who we are, in him? Philippians 4 verses 6 & 7 basically say – Don’t Worry, Be Happy, but goes further as to help you figure out how and give you peace.

Thankfully I believe in a God who loves me passionately and wants to see good things in my life, unfortunately it’s way too easy to miss that.

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