Lent on a bike

I have a motorbike. I use it mainly for commuting through London, as well as occasionally for going places where parking is a nightmare. But, for me, it is really functional. When I got my licence, I signed up to do IAM (Advanced Institute of Motorbiking) in order to make sure I was a better rider – safer and more aware. (blah blah blah) There were a few of us riding at the time, and it was occasionally good to go out on a Saturday ride, but I soon realised that as I am not an introvert – many hours in my own helmet is quite tiring. So for me it’s about function and commuting. I never passed my IAM exam. I don’t like exams.. I did try, and failed miserably. Did I mention I don’t do test situations well? Nope, definitely not. So this morning, after commuting for 4 years, and still feeling like a failure when it comes to bikes, I realised that that’s ok.

As we enter Lent, a time overshadowed by sacrifice and white-knuckling it out for 40 days, I realised it’s about what happens in the wilderness. Scripture is filled with periods of 40s, where people were taken away for different purposes. Do we focus on the lack of something, or let the lack of something allow us to refocus? I’m praying that this Lent will be a time where I can go to the wilderness, deal with the voices that tell me I’m a failure, and hear the voice that tells me I’m a beloved child. What’s Lent to you?

#lent #struggles #difficulty #trust

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