Being Intentional

It’s been a really crazy summer, with not much rest! But that’s ok, as we have found sustenance when it’s needed.

Over the past few months we have had to do 2 funerals, both of families we are very very close too. We have had all sorts of other things going on, and I wouldn’t know where to start. So this past weekend, was our family time.

It was a perfect opportunity – the girls had an inset day at school, and I had taken the day of work, so on Friday, we ventured into London for the day. We had planned to go away somewhere, but, alas, I was too unorganised, so everything was either booked out or way too expensive. We decided to have a family weekend away, at home.

We’ve never tried this before, as we normally end up doing house work or other such weekend tasks. But this time, we planned a day in London, followed by a morning out for breakfast and a walk around, a movie at home with popcorn and of course… Rugby… it was an amazing weekend, that couldn’t have been better.

So why was it such a good weekend? Being Intentional. We so often just drift from one day to another, one week to another, being quite honestly, apathetic. I recently read that the opposite of Love is not hate, but apathy. And that hit home hard. I don’t hate anyone around me, but do I really care if something happens to others, that doesn’t affect me?

Our churches vision is based on Matthew 22 – “Loving Jesus more, loving people more and loving more people” and as catchy as it sounds, I challenge anyone to aim at that goal. I spent this weekend intentionally trying to love my family more, and it was great.

How intentional are you about the everyday things?

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